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Rehearsal Tracks

  • Star-Spangled Banner1:32
  • SATB SSB(all)1:19
  • SATB SSB(Sop1)1:19
  • SATB SSB(Sop2)1:19
  • SATB SSB(Alto1)1:19
  • SATB SSB(Alto2)1:19
  • SATB SSB(Tenor)1:19
  • SATB SSB(Bari)1:20
  • SATB SSB(Bass)1:19

Here is the voicing for "As Vesta was..." If there is parenthesis by your name, it indicates singing that specific part, (i.e. SII = soprano 2). All other parts should learn your assigned part. The track for "As Vesta was..." is completed. The track for "Crucifixus" is not. Use your resources, especially your reading skills to learn this piece. Both pieces are fair game for your first test. I can't wait to get back to work with you guys. It's gonna be a great year. Enjoy the rest of your summer.



  • Love Never Fails(All)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Sop 1)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Sop 2)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Alto 1)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Alto 2)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Tenor 1)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Tenor 2)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Bass 1)2:54
  • Love Never Fails(Bass 2)2:54